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Welcome to the Al-Ghazzali Centre Academy's Online Student Centre

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Distance Learning Programme

Foundation Diploma in Islamic Sciences13

2010 Foundations Diploma in Islamic Sciences6

Creed Online1
Study Circles

Foundations of Virtue & Character1

Clarification of the Marvels of the Heart1

Seerah of The Prophet1

Daawah Strategies1

Brief History of Human Civilisations3

Prohibitions of the Tongue1

Beginning of Guidance1

Mizaan al-Amal1

The Heart of the Ihya1

A Return to the Creed of the Salaf 1

On Knowing Yourself to Know God1

Etiquettes of the Seeker1

Walking The Way of Light1

Connecting with the Book of Allah1

I am Near1

Beautiful Names of God1

10 Questions You Wanted To Ask About Islam1

Lives of Man1

Book of Love1

Trumping Dajjal1
Arabic Courses2
Diploma Programmes
The Immense Ocean2
Revival in Forty Lessons1
Al-Aqida At-tahawiyyah1

The al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences & Human Development is a non-profit, non-sectarian Learning Centre. The organisation is committed to the dissemination of the true Traditional Islamic Principles and Knowledge from the Prophetic Traditions, and as understood by the rightly-guided scholars of Islam. It aims to decipher information on Islamic Sciences for those searching for Truth and those who are working to raise their standards in the Personal Development of life.
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